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Valve Test & Repair Equipment

A complete range of test- & repair equipment for valve manufacturing, maintenance and repair.


A process to design, development, manufacture and commission pressure test benches for production environments.

Valve Academy & E-Learning

The guide to understanding valves, the process of selection, maintenance and repair.

Safety screens & enclosures

Providing efficient and reliable solutions to safely conduct high pressure tests.

Service & Maintenance

Tailormade service agreements in order to keep your test equipment healthy and up to date.

Testing Rack and Pinion actuators

a Ventil Engineered Solutions has developed a new test bench for performance testing of quarter turn, Rack and Pinion actuators. The Ventil ATC test bench runs a full automatic sequence, thoroughly testing; the overall, smooth performance, quarter turn stroke, tightness of the pressure chambers, output torque and even the slip-stick. The ATC is equipped for an extended range of Double Acting and Single Acting (spring loaded) actuators.


500th PreVenTest in use!

About 10 years after the launch of this unique ‘In-Situ’ test system for Pressure Relief Valves, No. 500 was put in use!

Over the past decade the Ventil PreVenTest went through a series of hard and software upgrades and a variety of new features, such as ATEX/UL certification, where developed. The PreVenTest has become the system of choice in the valve service industry, testing the safety and integrity of these critical valves, without interrupting process operations. The Ventil PreVenTest is globally used, on all continents. No 500 was delivered to a Middle East customer.


Ventil Smart Robotics –
CNC Testing

When valve testing is becoming a repetitive task, you are tempted with the lack of skilled people and your customers demand more for less (and more quickly), Ventil Smart Robotics – CNC testing is the solution for you.
In a strong collaboration with Yaskawa Robots, Ventil offers the next, revolutionary step in automated CNC valve testing, enabling valve manufacturers to optimize their production efficiency, safety and reduce costs. The primary reason for implementing machine learning and robotics into our test benches is to streamline the workflow with high volume – series testing of valves. In other applications, such as ultra-high pressure (gas) testing, the camera-equipped robot can safely perform the ‘up close’ inspection.


Ventil RAT
(Remote Acceptance Testing)

A new, ingenious product is being developed by the Ventil Engineered Solutions team. The Ventil RAT (Remote Acceptance Testing) system combines smart software with the newest high definition camera’s and smart glasses to create a safe and sustainable remote inspection platform. RAT will enable you to invite your customer or quality authority to witness FAT (factory acceptance test) from distance. RAT will also provide secured processing and storage of valve and test data. The objective of RAT is to improve your operational efficiency and create a considerable saving in inspector – manpower and travelling costs. Many Ventil test benches are already completed with a fully embedded camera’s which can be implemented in the RAT system. If not, a series of camera’s can be retrofitted and combined with the RAT  hard and software.


New ‘test recipe’ –
driven CNC valve test software

Recently the Ventil IT team has rolled out a complete new software for valve manufacturers. CRS 2.0 is completely ‘recipe’ driven and self-learning. Feedback from the test system is used to automatically optimize the test recipe parameters and improve the operational efficiency of the automatic test bench. The intuitive operated program enables the user to define an unique ‘test recipe’ for each valve type, size and pressure class. The new CRS 2.0 structure enables easier integration / interfacing with your ERP or MES, collecting specific valve data and exporting test results for quality control.



Being where the customers are, enables us to produce what the customer needs, wherever they need it with local support.

Ventil is located in the most important industrial areas on the globe. If we aren’t close ourselves, one of our exclusive representatives is. This service enables us to take you through a step-by-step process that will help you to identify your specific needs and requirements to ensure you’ll get the equipment ‘to get the job done’.


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