“All our services are available individually to respond to one-off issues or based on a multi-year agreement; test equipment break downs, maintenance, troubleshooting, inspection visits, spare part deliveries, operating assistance and/or training”

Our Service Agreements – Your Advantages

  • Prolong Test Equipment lifespan
  • Priority response times for service requests
  • Detect potential problems before they happen
  • Reduce downtime significantly
  • Schedule annual maintenance & calibration
  • Training operators to perform basic maintenance tasks
  • Discount on spare / wear parts
  • Reduce & predict annual maintenance costs
  • Reliable Test Equipment requires regular maintenance for smooth operations.

Ventil Test Equipment
Polakweg 6
2288 GE Rijswijk
The Netherlands
T. 088 113 0900

Ventil USA Inc.
906 Gemini St.
Houston, TX 77058,
United States of America
T. +1 281-280-0141

Ventil Middle East FZC
Sharjah International Airport
Saif ZoneSharjah
United Arab Emirates
T. +971 506260955