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‘The roadmap to digital transition’

ValveMatch is committed to providing services that will enable Companies to improve on their efficiency, productivity, quality and safety whilst maintaining a visible presence and having hands-on control of the end product, no matter where in the world you are!

We understand, through many years of combined expert industry knowledge, that procurement is often just the beginning of a very long and sometimes complex process. With that in mind we have developed several innovative tools, outlined below, that allows you to be part of the process, every step of the way, without having to leave your desk!

Ventil Robotics

IIoT deployment

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is a vast and growing universe of connected equipment, vision technology and smart sensors. Plugging into the IIoT isn’t simple! Collecting a steady stream of data is all well and good, but it’s only the first step toward realizing the full potential of the IIoT. The ultimate goal is to tap into actionable, real-time insights, secure data storage and automate decision-making. Further to the above, IIoT’s can assist with:

  • Manufacturing process automation and robotics
  • Product identification and verification
  • Product testing: HP/LP pressure test and fugitive emission
  • NDT: material verification, chemical analysis and mechanical properties
  • MES/ERP integration
Ventil Machine Vision1

Remote witness technology

Save money, time and travel – by (co)-witnessing or inspecting your (valve) test assessments. Reinventing inspection processes, IIoT interfaces, controlling product quality and enhance plant reliability. Some of the attributes that can enhance Company visibility and control by using remote witness technology are:

  • Smart glasses, smart phone, tablet and stationary monitoring.
  • Increase productivity, connect with expert colleagues miles away.
  • Be focused and hands free, issues can be easily verified and solved.
  • Your procedures, work instructions and inspections finally made paperless and mobile.
  • Enabling businesses to securely live stream, record, and share videos.
  • Utilizing Blockchain technology to recapture the value now realized by third-party.
ventil_inspection plan_600x338

Digital ITP’s

Introducing an innovative approach to digitally store and validate material/test data against the general industry standards and client specifications. A smart, sustainable and secure solution that significantly simplifies the activities and reduces associated costs. Some of the benefits to implementing digital ITP’s are:

  • Ensure that received products actually meet the user document needs and requirements.
  • Full traceability up to the source.
  • Independent & auditable by third-parties.
  • Discover scalability, trust and control.
  • Going paperless, reduces carbon footprint.

Virtual warehousing+

Explore the benefits of automation of order management, expediting & document control (ORM). Multiple physical local warehouses act together as one virtual warehouse allowing for:

  • A streamlined cooperation & transparency across all channels.
  • Global visibility (24/7).
  • Drive product standardization.
  • Development of product catalogues & community portals.
  • The creation of a virtual warehouse of worldwide (surplus) stock.
  • Decrease cost of carrying inventory by 30%.
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Development services

We’re ready to share our expertise and improve your business operations on any level!

  • Hosted nodes & secure data storage.
  • Application layers & open interfaces.
  • Standard templates & apps.
  • Contribute to smart contracts.
  • Blockchain use cases.

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