Ventil delivers a wide variety of valve lapping machines for fine finishing of all metallic seats of industrial shut- off valves, pressure safety valves and control valves

The extended program of delivery includes;

Portable valve lapping machines for on-site and in-situ valve lapping and repair

Following the trend of reducing operational downtime, Ventil offers an extended range of lightweight machines for valve lapping and repair on-site, without the need to remove the valve from the pipe line. Built from Stainless Steel and high quality Aluminium parts and components, the Ventil valve lapping machines are prepared for the tough life on-site. The unique Ventil orbital – gear driven lapping technology in combination with the best quality of abrasive foils result in the highest material removal rate and best flatness accuracy. The portable valve lapping machines are available with several different pneumatic and electrical drive systems to safely work in all operating conditions and at any location.

Stationary valve lapping machines for in-shop applications

Strong and ridged machines for lapping the seats of any type valve. The program of delivery ranges from the pre – grinding table up to universal column grinding and lapping machines and open face flat lapping machines. Depending on the application and seat material, the valve lapping machines are completed with a variety of consumable abrasive materials, such as self-adhesive Aluminium Oxide foils, permanent impregnated diamond or ceramic grinding discs. The Ventil valve lapping machines are designed and equipped for high precision and fine finishing to restore the original, or even exceed the OEM level of seat tightness.

The design of the Ventil Valve lapping machines is based on 65 years of experience in valve repair and testing. All machines are fully built in-house and only first quality components and materials are used. The valve lapping machines are delivered ready for use, including all required tools, consumables and materials.

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