SAFETY IS KEY and must be practiced without compromise! Ventil designs, manufactures and installs a wide array of safety screens and test enclosures for use during high pressure valve testing with the purpose of projectile containment, safe-guarding personnel and property.

Our scope of supply;
– Single or fully surrounding safety screens
– Standard or completely customized high-pressure hydrostatic test enclosures
– Safety door interlocks
– Energy efficient LED lighting
– Quick connect and quick disconnect testing systems
– Remote video surveillance and recording capabilities
– On-site installation assistance, start-up and training


Ventil has developed a template for performing workplace safety assessments to standardize the process, and to save you valuable time.

 We’re here to help manufacturers and service workshops of industrial valves not only identify safety risks working with high-pressure testbenches, but also to classify workplace hazards and provide a range of safeguarding solutions for their specific test equipment and requirements for a given study.

Safety Protection Level 1

HC300CR Closure 1000px

Single (fixed) safety screen with transparent Polycarbonate screen/window

Safety Protection Level 2

VC25SRV Closure 1000px

Fully surrounded safety enclosure, welded cage construction with transparent Polycarbonate screens and open roof

Safety Protection Level 3

Ventil Closure Class 3

Fully surrounding safety enclosure, welded cage construction with high impact steel sheeting and open roof

Safety Protection Level 4

ventil_closure_Class 4.jpg

Fully surrounding safety enclosure, reinforced, dual wall construction with closed roof

 Surveillance by remote camera systems

Ventil Camera System Image003
Ventil Camera System IMG 8793

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