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Range ½ - 10” / DN15 – 250 mm.
Nominal / peak tortque 4,200 Nm / 8,400 Nm
Dimensions (l) 1,350 x (w) 1,100 x (h) 1,530 mm / (l) 53 x (w) 43 x (h) 60 Inch
Weight 658 kg / 1,510 lbs
Required conn. 380-400 V. 50-60 Hz. + neutral + ground (others available on request)

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The Ventil nozzle remover NR10 is the solution for safe and efficient (dis)assembly of pressure safety valves.

The unit is built with a ridged base structure with 3-jaw chuck for clamping a PSV on the inlet nozzle. The 3-jaw is driven by a powerful electric motor that can set to the required torque. By activating the high torque drive, using foot pedal, the nozzle will slowly turn while the valve body is held in position by the rigid retaining beam. This way the nozzle can, within seconds , simple be screwed in or out the valve. The unit is completed with digital controls for adjusting the toque settings between small and large valves.

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