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Keeping up with Hydrogen (3) – Understanding the dynamic of a simple leak!

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We covered some of the basic aspects of Fugitive Emissions testing in number 1 and 2 of our whitepaper series, and we made a few claims that show how our industry relies on technological principles that have been defined a long time ago. The use of forming gas for FE testing is a great example. Today it is innovative for our industry, after all we did not know about it, but the technology has been used for different applications for decades already….read more


Keeping up with Hydrogen (2) – Back and forwards with Fugitive Emissions

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In the first paper of this series we introduced the idea to use forming gas as an alternative method for Fugitive Emissions Testing. The idea that existing industry standards and conventional testing methods are sustainable enough to keep up with the shift to a Hydrogen industry is unrealistic. Or at least; That is our belief. Looking at the future, we expect to see a major increase in production of hydrogen plants to allow storage and transport of energy throughout the world. Even though the go-to-technology is still open for debate….read more


Keeping up with Hydrogen (1) – A vision on testing

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Our world has reached a turning point; We are moving away from our traditional energy sources and have made the environment a top priority. A major shift in technology and performance underway, and the industry is following with the technology to become hydrogen ready. No authority has stepped forward to indicate the way forwards on performance and testing of hydrogen valves and therefore leaves manufacturers to refer back to their old ways, and in particular; the standards of Fugitive Emission Testing….read more

Konar Cryo

Cryogenic testing, be aware of ‘lurking’ dangers..!

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With the growing potential of the LNG industry, an increasing amount of many valve manufactures are getting involved in Cryogenic testing. The standards are clear on the conditions and criteria, but are indefinite vague on operational safety. This cannot be underestimated..,be aware of lurking dangers…read more

Ventil Robotics

CNC valve testing, productivity vs. efficiency

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CNC valve testing is demonstrating how the new generation of Ventil computer programmers and design engineers have transformed the practice of valve testing into a precision art. Of course conventional testing can still do the job, but we experience that a growing amount of valve manufacturers now opt for CNC valve testing because of the many advantages that its process has to offer.

Konar Cryo

Cryogenic testing on the rise: Theory vs Practice

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Following the trend to harness more energy from the non-toxic and eco-friendly LNG, valves and safety valves intended for cryogenic service are in great demand. Our customers involved in the production of these critical valves face the daunting task, while cryogenic testing seems to evolve from ‘unique type approval’ testing to standard production testing.


Fugitive Emission testing, Methane vs. Helium

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Shut-off and Control valves intended for application in volatile air pollutants and hazardous fluids have to be subjected to Fugitive Emission testing.., meticulous testing to verify the tightness of the valve stem seals and body joints.

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