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fire safe test system
for ball valves

A new ball valve manufacturer contact us to discuss the fire safe testing of his valves, according to the API 607, API 6FA and ISO 10497. Establishing a complete program and range of high quality ball valves with different seat constructions requires a large amount and extensive testing. Subcontracting these destructive test is possible, but within their design and developing process, in-house testing turned out to be very cost effective.

Fire safe testing requires that a closed valve, filled with water under pressure, is completely enveloped in flames with an environmental temperature in the region of 750 °C to 1,000 °C for a period of 30 minutes. Challenging conditions for the Ventil Engineered Solutions team and all in-house disciplines had to deployed to establish a good, accurate and safe design.

The test unit model FS-16-S exists of a heat resistant, concrete test bay with exhaust system and trolley mounted test bracket for easy position and (un)loading of test objects up to 16”. The test bay is completed with six gas burners, which are fully adjustable to heat up the complete range of valve types and sizes. The intensity of the material heat input is monitored by thermocouples and calorimeter cubes.

The specially developed test system enables testing up to 200 bar / 2,900 psi. Several special instruments are used to detect and measure the body and seat leakage. During the test, the data from the pressure, temperature and flow sensors is processed and visualized by the Ventil Computer Registration System, which also enables operation and control from a safe distance.

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