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When organic materials, such as oil and grease, get in contact with Oxygen they will combust spontaneously. Even sand or scaling from welding is present in a pipeline and then collides to equipment which divers the flow, such as an elbow, then the collision energy is sufficient to start a fire. Once ignited even steel will burn…

All process equipment which is in contact with Oxygen is to be prepared for this hazard. The preparation mostly is cleaning the equipment to remove all materials which can start combustion, such as all organic APC (Airborn Particles Concentration) and NVR (Non Volatile Residue) which can introduce a ignition energy level. Ventil delivers ‘clean’ test benches or even complete clean assembly and test facilities, adapted to your valve type, size and application.

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Case category: Clean room testing

Oxygen clean test unit

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Case 7: Valve overhaul clean room facility

O2 clean valve overhaul facility

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